Shopping for meat in Canada requires a information of the completely different meat cuts in animal. Most meats in Canada appear to be smooth due to tenderization through the processing of slaughtered animals. You probably have encountered issue in buying Nigerian-type meat, this quick article will educate you the place to get the varied forms of meat in Canada.



How to Choose and Prep Meat cut for Nigerian cooking




That is the very best place to get the shank area of meat (Leg). It’s bought contemporary, deboned and packed which makes it value efficient. Moreover, hen could be purchased right here.




Some innards akin to kidney and liver could be purchased right here. Nonetheless, shaki (towel) is normally bleached with chlorine, therefore it could not give the very best style. the hen gizzard bought right here is generally frozen.



Asian Markets:

That is the great place to get contemporary meat elements. Recent shaki, gizzard and onerous hen is bought in Asian markets.



That is the very best place to get all forms of contemporary meat (cow, hen, and goats) and their varied elements. You possibly can examine the closest farms the place you reside or hyperlink up with associates who’re to get entire goats and slaughter contemporary earlier than sharing.