37 Information About AFRICA (Fascinating and Enjoyable!)


Looking for some info about Africa? I do know it sounds cliche, however there’s simply nothing like Africa. There are such a lot of lovely nations, animals to see, distinctive cultures, and a wide range of distinctive actions to partake in that it makes choosing one place nearly unattainable.

We spent a beautiful 12 months touring Africa and there’s merely nothing on this world prefer it. I do understand Africa is an entire continent and there are various issues to learn about totally different elements of Africa. It’s a different land with many Africa info, so we wished to select only a few that will pique your curiosity.

Enjoyable and fascinating Africa Information

1. Africa is HUGE

Cost of Traveling Africa
One of the well-known info about Africa

This is without doubt one of the most vital info about Africa to grasp. It is vitally, very large. Sure, Asia’s large takes the primary spot for the most important and most populous continent on Earth, but Africa is available in second and takes up a number of area. We spent an entire 12 months testing among the best places to visit in Africa and clearly didn’t even scratch the floor!

2. Earth’s floor space is 6% of Africa

Africa Travel Tips

One other important reality about Africa is that this one. To present you an concept of how large Africa is, it covers 6% of your entire world’s floor space. Not spectacular sufficient? Nicely then, how does 11.7 million sq. miles sound? And 16% of all people reside in Africa, with 1.2 billion individuals residing on the continent as of 2016. Mainly, it’s huge.

3. Africa isn’t simply continental Africa

beautiful Seychelles
The Seychelles, an island nation off the coast of Africa

Madagascar – an enormous island off the southeast coast – and varied different archipelagos comprise only a portion of the 54 nations that comprise this huge continent. Apart from these acknowledged nations, there are 9 territories and two largely unrecognized impartial states.

4. Africa can also be very younger

Friendly Locals on the East African Coast

Africa truly boasts the youngest inhabitants, on common, on this planet. In 2012, for instance, the typical age was 19 years outdated – that’s fairly younger. In the identical 12 months, the worldwide common was 30 years outdated. That is certainly one of my favourite fascinating info about Africa to inform individuals!

5. Africa straddles the equator

Crossing that Equator in Uganda

With nations within the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere, it’s the one continent to embody temperate zones within the north and within the south – and with a number of different local weather areas and biospheres in between.

6. Algeria is the largest participant by way of land, Nigeria for its inhabitants

Algeria undoubtedly hogs the land space right here, taking over nearly one million sq. miles (919,595, to be precise). In the meantime, Nigeria boasts 186 million inhabitants, making it simply the highest canine by way of inhabitants in Africa; it’s additionally the seventh most populous nation on this planet. The smallest nation in Africa is Seychelles, an island archipelago in the Indian Ocean.

7. Human Life started in Africa

The proof means that, sure, people originated in Africa. Particularly in East Africa. And that proof is…? 200,000-year-old human stays.

That’s proper; early Homo sapiens (that’s fashionable people to you and me) have been unearthed in Ethiopia courting again all these hundreds of years.

8. Historical Egypt is without doubt one of the world’s earliest civilizations

Starting in round 3300 BC, historic data of the pharaohs began. That may be a mad reality about Africa. What’s crazier nonetheless is simply how lengthy this civilization lasted. In all its pyramidal glory, the Egyptian state continued till 343 BC.

That’s nearly 3,000 years of Pharaonic affect, with proof of the civilization so far as Libya and even Crete.

8. There have been hundreds of states and kingdoms in pre-Colonial Africa

There was the already-Christian Ethiopian Empire (1270-1974). The Wadai Empire was in Chad (earlier than the French took over in 1918, anyway). There was the Kingdom of Kongo, which went on for 500 years or so earlier than Portugal suppressed the monarchy and absorbed it into Angola.

The Empire of Benin was one of many longest-lasting, most developed of any African empire… earlier than the British got here alongside in 1897. The listing goes on.

9. There was a colonial scramble for Africa 

Mozambique Travel

It was truly known as the “Scramble for Africa.” European powers went loopy to regulate the African continent. From 1881 to 1914, Britain, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Germany wished a slice of the pie. Cue many years of oppression, colonialism, and cruelty.

10. Decolonization hit the African continent arduous

Many African nations have been “made” impartial from the early Nineteen Sixties to the Nineteen Eighties. Many of those nations had by no means existed earlier than, with borders drawn by European powers. This resulted in a number of craziness.

Throughout this era, there have been greater than 70 coups and 13 presidential assassinations continent-wide. Border, territorial, ethnic, and political disputes have been – and nonetheless are – widespread.

11. The Second Congo Struggle was the deadliest worldwide battle since World Struggle II

One of many saddest info about Africa

This reality about Africa is unfortunately very true. Starting in 1998 and with treaties signed in 2002 (although not truly ending until 2003), this horrific battle claimed over 5.4 million lives. It has left a legacy of instability ever since.

12. Africa is the world’s second-driest continent (after Australia)

Natasha in Namibia
absorbing the solar in Namibia

It’s very, very dry in lots of elements of Africa. A median of 1,000 millimeters of rain falls yearly throughout the continent. Although the (fairly substantial) deserts convey that common down, let’s put that into perspective. Naples, Italy, will get over 1,000 millimeters of rainfall yearly!

13. The African Union (AU) is a 55-member federation consisting of all of Africa’s states

african safari hats

Identical to the European Union for Europe, it’s a identified reality about Africa that it has its African Union, with its headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Not like the EU, nonetheless, all nations are included.

Curiously, Africa has “formally” 54 nations, so the place does the final one come from? The unrecognized nation is Western Sahara (claimed by Morocco), a Spanish colony till 1975.

14. Africa is probably the most multilingual continent on this planet

One of many craziest info about Africa is that effectively over one thousand languages are spoken throughout the continent. UNESCO had a go at estimating and got here up with round 2,000 languages. Regardless of the precise quantity, it’s loads.

15. Arabic is probably the most broadly spoken language in Africa

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Are you able to consider this fascinating reality about Africa? 100 seventy million individuals communicate Arabic. The second-most broadly spoken language is English, with 130 million audio system, adopted by 115 million French audio system. Swahili is subsequent; with 100 million audio system, it’s the continent’s most generally spoken African language.

16. The continent’s inhabitants will greater than double by 2050

people of africa

If you happen to have been listening to your info about Africa, you’d know that doubling the continent’s present inhabitants will equal round 2.3 billion individuals. 

17. African artwork and structure mirror the range of African cultures

What to Pack for Morocco

The oldest identified jewellery on the continent is regarded as… beads. These have been manufactured from Nassarius shells, which is a fairly cool African tradition reality. Individuals have been rockin’ these round 72,000 years in the past. Then there’s the Nice Pyramid at Giza: the tallest construction on Earth for hundreds of years.

The ruins of Great Zimbabwe showcase an incredible Iron Age energy. The traditional church buildings of Ethiopia will depart you in awe. Morocco’s medieval mosques are gorgeous. Africa is extremely various.

18. Africa is legendary for its animals

African Elephant

That is an apparent reality about Africa, however that doesn’t make it any much less correct. It’s one of the biodiverse locations and has giant populations of some unbelievable creatures. Lions, hyenas, cheetahs, in addition to giraffes, elephants, camels, are all safari animals to look out for. Then there are snakes. Mountain gorillas. Crocodiles.

A complete vary of bugs and amphibians. Don’t overlook the million-strong wildebeest migration. We forgot hippos. And rhinos. It’s a very wild continent.

Best Safari in Africa – Where is Right for You?

19. Africa has over 3,000 protected areas

Lions in Tanzania

And all that wildlife wants defending. There are literally thousands of protected areas scattered throughout Africa. We’re speaking 198 marine protected areas. We’re speaking 50 biosphere reserves. We’re speaking 80 wetlands reserves. That’s only for starters.

20. A number of the world’s fastest-growing economies are in Africa

Nairobi, Kenya

The area, particularly Sub-Saharan Africa, is creating. Publish-colonial democratization and broader entry to cellphones and the web are ensuing within the fast growth of many economies. Ethiopia’s economic system is ready to develop by 8.5% in 2019, Ghana by 7.6%, Côte d’Ivoire by 7%. 

21. Most African migration occurs inside Africa

Sensationalist information tales would have you ever considering in any other case, however that is an fascinating reality about Africa: it’s to not Europe or North America that almost all African migrants go, however to different African nations.

Rising ease of motion between African nations is making it an increasing number of of a viable choice. It’s exhibiting no indicators of slowing down. Escaping poverty and searching for work are the most typical causes.

22. China is the African continent’s prime commerce accomplice

For actual. That commerce is pushing (nearly) $200 billion per 12 months. The direct funding in Africa by China, we’re speaking direct, already is rather more than $50 billion.

The one nation that will not have China knocking on its door anytime quickly is Eswatini (Swaziland). China has no diplomatic relations with Eswatini as a result of it acknowledges Taiwan as a country.

23. Angola alone has a inhabitants of over 350,000 Chinese language

There may be, nonetheless, a risk of neocolonialism. China truly has a protracted historical past of funding in Africa, courting again to the Ming dynasty (1368-1644), however solely now could be it reaching a state that is likely to be referred to as exploitation.

Money owed may simply be racked up, which China is aware of can’t be paid. There are presently a million Chinese language residents on the African continent, too.

24. Rwanda was one of many first nations on this planet to ban plastic luggage

We are in Rwanda

This wild reality about Rwanda’s African nation comes after the current Rwandan Genocide (1994). In 2008, the nation banned plastic luggage. Bangladesh banned them in 2002, however Rwanda has banned the whole lot about them: their use, importation, manufacture, and sale. Even vacationers coming into the nation are searched – no joke – it’s so wonderful!

25. Africa is the most well liked continent on Earth

Travel Namibia

That is a kind of info about Africa that most likely isn’t stunning. We’ve established that it’s the driest continent, however sure – Africa is the most well liked continent, too.

That’s most likely one thing to do with the truth that 60% of all of Africa’s land space is made up of desert (or simply actually, actually dry land). There’s the Kalahari Desert, the Namib Desert, the Sahara Desert… Sizzling.

26. Africa is dropping over 4 million hectares of forest per 12 months

Cameron Gorilla Trekking Green Safari Clothes

One of many saddest info about Africa. That’s round twice the worldwide price of deforestation, on common. For instance, 90% of Madagascar’s unique forest has disappeared since people first arrived 2,000 years in the past.

27. However Africa is excessive in minerals

The continent boasts 30% (give or take) of the Earth’s mineral assets. The entire of the Earth’s remaining mineral assets. We’re speaking a number of the remaining gold (40%), cobalt (60%), and platinum (90%) reserves.

28. Music and dance are tremendous vital

There are influential genres of music like highlife and afrobeat, extra localized kinds just like the upbeat guitar-based sungura music of Zimbabwe and the soulful African blues of Mali; there’s an entire lot extra. North Africa reveals Arab influences, and Southern Africa reveals Western influences, however all of it reveals a love of music that’s plain.

29. Virtually 40% of adults in Africa are illiterate

facts about africa

Not precisely a kind of heartwarming info about Africa, however a reality nonetheless. Literacy just isn’t widespread. Two-thirds of that 40% are ladies. In some nations – Benin, Guinea, Niger, to call just a few – literacy charges sink beneath 50%.

30. The Sahara is the most important (scorching) desert on this planet

Going to Morocco? Check out the Sahara
Sundown within the sahara

Certain, a lot of Africa is dominated by desert or desert-like landscapes, however none fairly as huge because the Sahara Desert. At 3,600,000 sq. miles in space, this huge expanse of sand, camels, and Bedouin tribes takes up 25% of Africa.

It’s greater than the Contiguous United States, which weighs at just below 3 million sq. miles. The Arctic and Antarctica depend as bigger deserts, however they’re most likely not the nice and cozy deserts you’re considering of.

31. And Lake Victoria is the most important lake in Africa


And it’s the second-largest freshwater lake on this planet, with an space of 26,590 sq. miles. The precise largest freshwater lake on this planet is Lake Superior (31,700 sq. miles).

35. Africa boasts one of many oldest universities on this planet (certainly one of my favourite Information About Africa)

No manner? Sure, manner. It’s in Timbuktu, Mali. In reality, within the twelfth century, there have been three universities in Mali. One in all these had over 25,000 college students in attendance. Not like fashionable universities, you bought to decide on your academics. Although primarily Quran research, tutorial stuff was lined, too, fortunately.

36. Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest level

The World Pursuit At Kilimanjaro Tanzania

It soars up from nearly nowhere to tower 19,340 ft above sea degree. It’s additionally the 4th most distinguished peak on this planet, with nothing wherever close to as tall wherever within the neighborhood. Oh, and it’s additionally a volcano.

It has three craters; two are extinct, however one is lively. It final erupted 360,000 years in the past – who is aware of when it can occur once more.

37. The Nile is the longest river on this planet

on the Nile
us white water rafting on the Nile

Our remaining, and grandest reality about Africa, is clearly concerning the Nile. It has supported varied civilizations all through the ages; the Historical Egyptians worshipped the Nile flooding as a god (the androgynous Hapi).

It runs 6,670 kilometers from Tanzania, through Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, and eventually Egypt earlier than erupting into the unimaginable Nile Delta.

I hope you loved these enjoyable and fascinating info about Africa! If in case you have every other Africa info depart a remark!

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