A newbie’s information to understanding 5 completely different wine types


Wine is to alcoholic drinks what artwork galleries are to Instagram. You’ll be able to’t take pleasure in it peacefully with out somebody explaining why you take pleasure in it. And most of us have most probably made the fateful mistake of attending a wine tasting and bringing the whole occasion to a haunting silence with: ‘However all of them style the identical, to me.’

Wine is a well-liked alcoholic beverage constructed from fermented grape juice however could be constructed from any fruit juice. This information will concentrate on grape wine constructed from Vitis vinifera species. Wines could be single varietals, constructed from one sort of grape, or blends constructed from a couple of. Wine can additional be divided into completely different types relying on the grapes used and the vinification course of. This text will present an outline of the 5 main types of wine: white, crimson, rosé, glowing, and fortified.

1. White Wine

Server pouring glass of wine throughout dinner

White wine is mild, crisp, and refreshing, with numerous flavours and aromas. Usually categorized as light-bodied, full-bodied, or fragrant, light-bodied white wines are often dry and have natural aromas. Full-bodied white wines are richer and smoother than their light-bodied counterparts, characterised by a darkish yellow or amber color, with fruity aromas and a smoother flavour. Fragrant white wines are candy and obtained from very candy and flavoured grapes like Muscat and Gewürztraminer.

2. Purple Wine

Purple wine is the extra well-liked wine type, with a crimson color and a better tannin focus. Usually categorized as light-, medium-, or full-bodied, light-bodied crimson wine has a decrease content material of tannins and a translucent crimson color. In distinction, medium-bodied crimson wine is good to pair with a bunch of savoury meals and has a formidable stability of all organoleptic properties. Full-bodied crimson wine is wealthy in tannins and characterised by robust flavours and aromas, very best to pair with crimson meat and recreation.

3. Rosé Wine

Rosé wine is usually seen as a “go-to” wine for these moments if you’re uncertain whether or not to pair the meals with a crimson or white. Rosé wines are obtained by way of “dying” the wine with crimson grape skins for a brief time period and are produced as dry and candy. The grapes concerned in vinification are the identical used for crimson wines, with most rosés constructed from Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah grapes, relying on the wine area.

4. Glowing Wine

Shut up shot of lady selecting a bottle of champagne from the shelf in a grocery store.

Glowing wine (also called ‘bubbles’) is usually seen as a noble drink for celebrations, with well-liked examples being Champagne, Prosecco, and Cava. Glowing wine could be constructed from any grape varietal and wine area however is finest referred to as a white wine with bubbles. The bubbles are created by way of a secondary fermentation course of that happens within the bottle or in a tank. Glowing wines can vary from candy to dry and are available in numerous colors and aromas.

5. Fortified Wine

Bottles of Port wine

Fortified wine has had a distilled spirit, corresponding to brandy, added to it. The addition of spirit will increase the alcohol content material and sweetness of the wine. The most well-liked fortified wine is Port, constructed from grapes grown within the Douro Valley in Portugal. Different varieties of fortified wine embody Sherry, Madeira, and Vermouth.


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