Angola: Strengthened Epidemiological Surveillance On Angola/Namibia Border Really useful


Calai — Angola and Namibia well being professionals had a three-day evaluation assembly to deal with the epidemiological profile of malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS within the border area between the 2 nations, having beneficial strengthened surveillance to scale back mortality charges.

Based on the ultimate communiqué of the assembly held in Calai Municipality (south-eastern Cuando Cubango Province), the individuals beneficial the involvement of the federal government of each nations, intervention campaigns, together with well being inspectors and safety groups within the border area.

“We additionally advocate that the border municipalities ought to maintain quarterly conferences to alternate expertise and share information on all illnesses, with an emphasis on tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS amongst residents of the 2 nations”, the assertion mentioned.

The 2 sides agreed to carry the following assembly in June 2024 within the Kavango west area, Republic of Namibia, as a part of the implementation of the joint cooperation mechanisms.

Talking on the closing ceremony, the Calai administrator, Adélia Samuel, praised the initiative, having burdened the significance of sharing information on the epidemiological scenario of the 2 areas to strengthen the intervention capability of well being professionals.

“All collectively we’ll depart well being techniques higher ready and free from endemic illnesses, epidemics and even pandemics comparable to HIV/AIDS”, Samuel mentioned.

The three-day occasion was promoted by the governments of the 2 nations attended by 80 well being sector professionals from Cuando Cubango Province (Angola) and the Namibian provinces Kavango East and Kavango West.

The well being specialists mentioned the epidemiological scenario between the 2 nations and the principle issues dealing with the widespread border, with the intention to enhance medical help to the populations. MSM/JSV/MCN/Amp/jmc

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