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Gilt,  a thought-provoking exhibition on the  Zeitz Museum of Modern Artwork Africa (Zeitz MOCAA) by Nigerian Born, British artist, Mary Evans, showcases the adversity and energy of black folks all through historical past.

Together with delving deep into the historical past and psychogeography of particular cultural and heritage websites in Cape City, Evans, identified for her masterful use of craft paper and disposable supplies, explores themes of place, belonging, and the narratives of Black resilience.

Raised in the UK, Evans attracts upon the socio-political and historic frames of the diaspora, migration, and international change to mirror upon the enduring tales of Black people. Her cross-cultural discourse merges strategies of picture manufacturing, blurring the boundaries between “positive artwork” and “craft,” ornament, and decoration.

The exhibition title cleverly performs with the phrases “gilt” and “guilt,” evoking notions of each opulence and the lingering penalties of surviving historic wounds akin to slavery, colonialism, apartheid, and late-stage capitalism, as skilled by the Black group.

Evans’ iconic life-sized silhouettes take centre stage in her creative apply, serving as highly effective symbols in her narratives. These silhouetted figures, offered in large-scale “historical past work,” present viewers with an entryway into Evans’ work, counteracting tough Black histories.

Positioned towards monochromatic landscapes, the figures of various shades of brown reference colonial entanglements and provide a humanistic studying of the Black determine as a illustration of all our bodies. Evans’ deliberate selection of paper-based and disposable supplies serves as a poignant commentary on the remedy of the Black physique all through historical past – low cost, shipped, damaged, disposed of, and feared.

‘I didn’t solely wish to showcase the historical past of black folks as one among battle, but additionally as one among Jubilee,’ Evans stated over a cellphone name.

A centrepiece of the exhibition is a bit titled Vista, which spreads throughout the longest wall within the gallery. People will be seen within the backdrop of Desk Mountain braiding hair and dancing

‘I used to be pondering of the Khoi and the San and what it was like earlier than Europeans set foot on the land. I saved pondering issues like, “What did the Western Cape appear to be in Krotoa’s time?”‘

A visceral and evocative set up within the exhibition is Gingerbread. A big desk within the centre of the room depicts the sketch usually seen in historical past books of a how slave ship was packed to move Africans throughout the ocean through the center passage.

Inside the sketch of the ship, gingerbread biscuits take the place of human our bodies. The components used to make these biscuits are the identical commodities that slaves wanted to develop within the new world and identical to these baking components, Africans have been considered as a commodities.


Gingerbread additionally denotes the best way wherein black our bodies are seen as disposable. As Evans describes the method of constructing the gingerbread:

‘Each time I make this work, I make the biscuits in my kitchen at house, and it takes all day… they’re fast to burn as a result of they’re actually small. When that occurs, I put my foot onto the pedal of the bin, and I tip them off the tray into the bin. And that’s harking back to our bodies being tipped overboard into the ocean and delivery corporations claiming again on the insurance coverage.’

When strolling into the room, the scent of the biscuits is an olfactory sensation, however you may’t eat. alluding to the continued oppression of our bodies beneath late capitalism, Evans states, ‘The our bodies have already been consumed.’

Mary Evans

GILT by Mary Evans opens on Degree 1 at Zeitz MOCAA and is accessible to view till Sunday, 29 October 2023. This exhibition is a part of Zeitz MOCAA’s ongoing sequence of in-depth, research-based solo exhibitions, which contextualize the practices of essential artists from Africa and the diaspora. For extra data, go to Zeitz MOCAA.

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