34 FUN Scotland Information You Can Impress Buddies With


Trying to find some attention-grabbing Scotland info? It might occupy a small a part of the world and have extra sheep than individuals, however Scotland packs a whole lot of punch for everybody, so naturally, there are some fairly enjoyable Scottish info.

The nation has quite a bit to supply: spectacular landscapes, lakes, superb seafood, castles, wildlife, and a few of the friendliest individuals on earth. Scotland has a lot historical past and tradition, which means there are such a lot of attention-grabbing Scotland info to know. Let’s dig in with just a few!

Enjoyable Scotland Information to Know

1. Scotland is without doubt one of the Celtic Nations

Beginning off our record of enjoyable Scotland info is that this one! Alongside Ireland (the entire island), Wales, Cornwall, and Brittany, France, Scotland is without doubt one of the nations that make up the cultural area of the Celts. These historical individuals are united by comparable traditions, genetic make-up, and folklore.

2. The Scottish Highlands are dwelling to the very best peaks within the UK

Considered one of our favourite enjoyable info about Scotland!

Not solely are the Scottish Highlands extremely lovely (like, significantly), it’s additionally the place you’ll discover Ben Nevis, which towers 4,411 ft above sea degree. It’s comparatively straightforward to climb, for a mountain – because it’s solely a wee one – so round 100,000 individuals just do that yearly. We predict it’s one of many best hikes in Scotland!

3. Not lots of people reside within the Highlands

North Coast 500

It used to have a a lot greater inhabitants, however within the 18th and nineteenth centuries, many Highland Scots moved overseas to Britain’s new colonies in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, in addition to to newly industrialized cities down south.

4. Glasgow was one of many largest cities on this planet

Glasgow Scotland

A former heart of shipbuilding and trade, Glasgow is Scotland’s second metropolis, and it’s straightforward to see why if the historical past. At its peak within the late nineteenth century, Glasgow boomed, growing so shortly that it may barely sustain with housing and welfare.

5. A Scottish man invented the steam engine

I wager that is a kind of Scotland info you didn’t know! The factor that correctly kickstarted the Industrial Revolution – and arguably the entire industrialized, trendy world as we all know it – was the rotary steam engine. Like all good geniuses, he constructed upon an already good concept and got here up with methods to make the boring outdated steam engine do cooler stuff.

His identify? James Watt. He additionally provides his identify to a unit of power and is credited with developing with the measurement of horsepower. Fairly cool man.

6. There are 790 islands which might be a part of Scottish land

One of many craziest Scottish info!

There are 4 most important teams: the Internal Hebrides, the Outer Hebrides, Shetland, and Orkney. The Isle of Skye, for instance, is understood (like lots of the Scottish islands) for its excellent pure magnificence.

7. The Orkney Islands weren’t Scottish till the fifteenth century

Orkney Island

Norsemen from Norway colonized Orkney within the eighth century. Then they only determined to outright invade and annex Orkney in 875 AD. Cue tons of and tons of of years of Viking rule, till it was used as dowry by Danish King Christian I for his daughter’s hand in marriage to James III of Scotland. 

8. Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh is definitely an extinct volcano

This is the place to go in Edinburgh if you would like some nice views of town from excessive and it’s an excellent quick hike in Scotland. It’s linked to legends concerning the semi-mythical King Arthur, clearly, however it’s slightly identified Scotland incontrovertible fact that it’s really not simply any outdated hill – it’s an extinct volcano.

9. Edinburgh Citadel is additionally on an extinct volcano

Facts About Scotland

To be exact, the fortress sits on a volcanic plug known as Citadel Rock. It’s been the positioning of a royal fortress ever for the reason that twelfth century, however with fortresses current right here earlier than then, and was crucial to the Kingdom of Scotland. In its 1,100 yr historical past, it’s had 26 recognized sieges.

10. There are three official languages acknowledged in Scotland

North Coast 500 Stags

Are you able to guess what they’re? Most likely not. The primary is English, the second is Scots, and the third is Gaelic (or Scottish Gaelic). English is self-explanatory. Scots is an indigenous language of Scotland considered an historical number of English and is spoken by round 1.5 million individuals in Scotland. Gaelic is spoken by solely round 87,000 individuals.

11. Faculty is free in Scotland

That is a kind of enjoyable info about Scotland which may make you are feeling fairly dangerous about how a lot your mother and father saved to your faculty charges. Or the hoops you need to soar via to get a scholarship. Yessirree, larger training in Scotland is free. And there are some unbelievable universities in addition, like St. Andrews – which is the place Prince William went, for instance.

12. Bagpipes are from Scotland

Facts About Scotland

Utilized in poignant events throughout Britain and in army parades, bagpipes are a reasonably large deal within the UK. They’re from Scotland and are first talked about in textual content within the 1400s. They’re thought, nonetheless, to originate elsewhere, being evidenced in historical Roman texts. The jury’s out on this one.

13. Scotland isn’t an unbiased nation

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Scotland isn’t an precise nation. It’s a rustic that’s a part of the UK and has its personal parliament, however it isn’t unbiased.

14. Scotland signed a loopy treaty with England in 1502

That treaty’s identify was the Treaty of Perpetual Peace. However then in 1512, James IV of Scotland determined to invade England with the assistance of France. We mentioned it was difficult.

15. Scotland as soon as had a child queen

What we imply is that Mary Stuart – or extra popularly often known as Mary, Queen of Scots – turned the precise Queen of Scotland in 1542 on the tender age of simply six days outdated. She was actually born for the job.

She had a tumultuous reign and spent the final 18-and-a-half years in custody in England, the place she was subsequently beheaded on the order of Queen Elizabeth I. Did we point out Scottish historical past is difficult?

16. Scotland boasts one of many world’s greatest neolithic settlements

That’s proper, individuals. It’s known as Skara Brae, and it dates again to round 3,180 BC. That makes it older than each Stonehenge and the Nice Pyramids of Giza. This Scotland truth must be one in all our favorites, as a result of the place itself is a tremendous complicated that’s been in comparison with Pompeii by way of preservation. It merely must be seen – it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Website in spite of everything.

17. There’s a tomb in Scotland that’s 4,000 years outdated

One other historical past truth about Scotland now; this time round, we’re taking a look at a just lately found tomb. Not simply any outdated tomb, however the tomb of a Bronze Age chief full with treasures

18. The Romans actually tried to invade Scotland

Things to do in Edinburgh

However they couldn’t. It was simply too troublesome. The remainder of Britannia, from round 42 AD, had been comparatively defenseless, however Scotland? Roman army efforts solely lasted about 40 years on and off in Scotland. Robust guys. So what occurred? The Romans constructed a wall.

19. Hadrian’s Wall didn’t simply maintain the Picts out

Ah sure, the Picts. They have been the harmful, unruly tribes of Scotland that the Romans simply couldn’t subdue. So constructing a large wall in 122 AD made complete sense. However along with the wall, there have been gates – early customs buildings. They couldn’t tax the Picts, however they might tax their commerce.

20. Considered one of Scotland’s greatest festivals celebrates a poet

Cost To Backpack Europe: Edinburgh

Robert Burns – typically colloquially often known as Robbie Burns – is a really well-known Scottish literary determine. His writings, from poems written in Scots to the Scottish English dialect, are a lot beloved. Robbie Burns Night time, his birthday, includes reciting a poem, slicing haggis, after which consuming potatoes (and haggis) and consuming quite a bit. It’s form of like a nationwide day.

21. Robert Burns’ most well-known poem is a couple of haggis

It’s a enjoyable truth about Scotland that some of the well-known poems by its most well-known poet is named “Deal with to a Haggis.” That is usually recited earlier than the haggis is deftly lower by the speaker of the poem.

22. Haggis isn’t as gross as you suppose

You consider what goes into sausages on a mass, manufacturing unit degree, then you definitely start to suppose that truly haggis isn’t all that dangerous. What’s in haggis? Coronary heart, liver, and lungs all blended up with onions, spices, salt, and oatmeal.

Previously encased in a sheep’s abdomen lining, synthetic lining is generally used these days. You’ll be able to even get vegetarian haggis! You’ll be able to simply discover Haggis at many restaurants in Scotland.

23. Irn Bru is the preferred soda in Scotland

Irn Bru

Have you ever even heard of Irn Bru? Effectively, it is best to find out about it as a result of it’s loopy. These things is vibrant orange, tastes like… properly, it’s candy. A bit like Dr. Pepper however lighter. Scottish individuals swear by these items. It’s virtually the nationwide drink and outsells Coke by an extended stretch.

24. Scotland’s nationwide animal is a unicorn

An precise unicorn. The nationwide animal, and the one which options on the nation’s crest, is a legendary animal that doesn’t exist. Who cares whether or not it exists or not – we imply, a unicorn? That’s an superior nationwide animal. Go Scotland!

25. Sherlock Holmes got here from Scotland

Trip To Scotland Bus

Everyone knows Sherlock Holmes didn’t really come from Scotland. He was from London and lived on Baker Avenue. Proper? However the man who created him, Scottish writer Arthur Conan Doyle, was clearly Scottish and was born in Edinburgh. So there you go.

26. Scotland is dwelling to its very personal Olympics

Effectively, not likely, however the Highland Video games are nonetheless fairly cool and have varied assessments of power. There’s tossing the caber (throwing a large log), shot put, hammer throw, sheaf toss (a bundle of straw thrown over a bar with a pitchfork), and the great outdated tug o’ conflict. A few of these occasions it’s possible you’ll acknowledge; they’ve been within the Olympics since its early days!

27. The Scottish make whisky, not whiskey

North Coast 500

A kind of attention-grabbing info about Scotland is that they spell their number of whisky very in another way to how the Irish do. Okay, so it’s not all that totally different, however that “e” is the all-important vowel between showing to know what you’re writing about and making a idiot of your self. You may realize it as “Scotch,” as many individuals do.

28. Scottish whisky is a severe enterprise


Whisky-making is a convention courting again to no less than 1495 (the primary written account of whisky, when it was known as “aqua vita” – water of life). It have to be aged for no less than three years in oak barrels. Any greater than that, it’s sure to get higher with age. The bottle will inform you every little thing it’s worthwhile to know.

29. You measure whisky in drams

scotland facts
At Clynelish Distillery Close to Brora

Not in fifths, or no matter. Once you’re having a little bit of whisky in Scotland, you possibly can say you’re having “a wee dram.”  It’s this measurement of dram that has really discovered its method to the US; a dram store is the authorized time period for a consuming institution.

30. Scotland is dwelling to the oldest tree in Europe

There’s a yew tree in Fortingall that’s mentioned to be over 3,000 years outdated. Some say 5,000. Both means, that’s a very long time, and some of the attention-grabbing Scottish info we may discover. Native legend has it that it’s beneath this tree that Pontius Pilate was born. 

31. The primary trendy fireplace brigade was assembled in Edinburgh 

Although firefighting dates again to Historical Rome (for actual), Edinburgh was the primary metropolis to have a municipal fireplace brigade. Shaped in 1824 the Edinburgh Fireplace Engine Institution predates London’s fireplace brigade (1832) and the USA’s oldest, fashioned in Cincinnati, Ohio (1853).

32. Scotland is the place you’ll discover the Loch Ness Monster

Packing for Scotland

Although it might or might not exist, the Loch Ness Monster has an extended historical past. Considered some form of plesiosaur dwelling within the deep, darkish waters of Loch Ness within the Scottish Highlands, it’s talked about as early as 565 AD. Loopy, proper?

Apparently a “water beast” attacked one of many followers of Saint Columba. Actual or not, you’ll should make a journey and maybe drive the North Coast 500 to determine if that is a kind of info about Scotland that’s actual or not!

33. Tartan isn’t only a vogue assertion

Facts About Scotland

First talked about in 1538, what Tartan you wore confirmed individuals what clan you have been from. Every clan has a devoted tartan. It’s seen as an icon of Scotland and is utilized by varied nations as we speak; Japan is the world’s greatest importer of Tartan. Even Good day Kitty has her personal Tartan.

34. Kilts don’t require underwear

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They could require lengthy socks, however it’s a convention for the lads carrying kilts to not put on any undergarments – or “drawers,” as they’re identified in Scotland. Nothing in any respect. It means you’re a real Scotsman. Besides, in fact, in the course of the Highland Video games after they’re flinging these cabers everywhere.

Fast Scotland Journey Ideas

  • Foreign money: Nice British Pound (GBP)
  • Visa: Many nationalities can enter the UK for 90 days visa-free
  • Climate:  Anticipate numerous climate! Scotland is understood for having speedy shifts in climate. Scotland receives a whole lot of rain to maintain all of the lakes, river, and streams full. See the best time to visit Scotland here.
  • What to Pack: An amazing rain jacket, wool sweater, wool socks, travel camera, & down jacket.
  • Keep Linked: We suggest Sim Playing cards from Three – sign is restricted within the highlands.
  • Proper to Roam: There isn’t a lot within the type of trespassing in Scotland. Everybody has the suitable to roam and discover the beautiful countryside.

Hope you loved these enjoyable Scotland info! Any I ought to Add?

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