Extraordinarily uncommon leucistic white African wild canine pet born in Botswana


A outstanding sighting has occurred at 4 Rivers Camp in Botswana’s Kwara Personal Concession the place a uncommon leucistic wild canine pup was born.

This sighting is an distinctive occasion as such occurrences have been nearly unprecedented in Botswana over the previous three many years.

‘Within the Nineteen Nineties, guides within the Kwando area first observed leucistic pups. Some male members from the Kwando pack moved to the Vumbura space, forming what’s now generally known as the Golden Pack,’ mentioned Dr J.W ‘Tico’ McNutt, Director at Wild Entrust.

‘From this lineage, feminine descendants later established a household in Kwara, the place the leucism was nonetheless obvious however considerably diluted.’

Leucism, a genetic situation that impacts the pigmentation of pores and skin, feathers, or hair, causes the pet at 4 Rivers to show a unprecedented white coloration. In the meantime, the Vumbura “golden” canines showcase a placing pale tan tone.

Presently, the leucistic pet interacts harmoniously with its siblings and grownup African wild canines, displaying dominance on the subject of receiving meals from the adults. Dr J.W ‘Tico’ McNutt speculates on the pet’s future improvement, stating, ‘This pup would possibly darken because it ages, and there may be an out of doors likelihood that its complete physique is one huge white patch, which generally occurs with home canines and cats.’

Devoted guides at 4 Rivers are carefully monitoring the pet’s progress, eagerly observing how its colouration will evolve over time.


Kwando Safaris extends gratitude to Botswana’s knowledgeable researchers, together with Dr Peter Apps, Dr Gabriele Cozzi, and the Botswana Predator Conservation, for his or her invaluable insights and contribution to understanding this uncommon prevalence within the wild.

Nature fanatics and safari lovers are invited to embark on this once-in-a-lifetime journey at 4 Rivers within the Okavango Delta. Expertise the wonders of the African wilderness and be a part of this extraordinary discovery.

Hold following Kwando Safaris for updates on this uncommon phenomenon.

Watch the video of this pup under.

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